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Module 1 – Phase 1: Research projects on cross-sector care (funding providers: German Pension Insurance, National Associations of Statutory health Insurers, Association of Private Health Insurers, BMBF)

For the treatment and rehabilitation of a chronic disease, a cross-sector care is of particular importance. In Module 1, intervention and evaluation studies within three thematic fields are funded.

The effectiveness and above all the sustainability of patient information, training measures and a participatory arrangement of care must be evaluated across the care sectors. In this respect, the evaluation of benefits can encompass, in particular, new types of care concepts, but equally, existing measures can be examined.

It was ensured that the projects concern both the care sector of health insurers and that of pension insurance and consequently reach beyond the interfaces of the cost carriers. To this aim, where necessary, secondary data of various social security providers were joined together and analysed in order to evaluate the whole breadth of care.


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