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PD Dr. Johannes Hamann 

Technische Universität München

Klinik und Poliklinik für Psychiatrie

Möhlstr. 26

81675 München

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Are psychiatric patients motivated to actively support shared decision making? Development and validation of a measurement instrument

Project leader: PD Dr. Johannes Hamann, TU München


The inclusion of patients in medical decisions ("shared decision making") is currently being called for by medical professional associations and health policy. To enable such a shared decision making (SDM) to materialize in clinical practice, efforts are necessary on both sides – by physicians and patients.


So far, it has been primarily examined to what extent the physicians are prepared to implement individual elements of SDM.


On the part of the patients, it is merely known that the overwhelming majority desires an inclusion in decisions but that most patients behave passively in physician dialogues and only make a small contribution to a shared decision making coming about.


The aim of the current project is to identify – using by way of example the area of psychiatry, in which shared decision making is attributed with particularly great importance – what contributions patients can make to the individual steps in the SDM process. An instrument will be developed and validated which measures the extent to which patients are actually motivated and see it as their responsibility to be actively involved in the individual steps of the medical decision-making process.


The questionnaire to be developed should provide information about in which process steps and to what extent patients are currently prepared to contribute to shared decision making and thus permit a targeted participatory arrangement of care.

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